Bridal Hair & Makeup

When it comes to your wedding, the hairstyle and makeup you want will be one of the most talked and searched-about subjects.

You will be thinking for months what to do, binge Pinterest for ideas, and even have trial sessions with different friends and stylists.

As a cosmetologist, I am here to offer my professional advice!

So, where do we start?! With your DRESS.

Your dress will be the focal point of your entire bridal image. It will reflect your personality and draw all of the attention to you! With that in mind, you will want to have makeup and hair that compliment your entire look.

If you have a very detailed, patterned, or sparkly dress, you will probably want to keep your makeup on the simple side. If your dress is more simple, you have more range to amp up your cosmetics. Of course there are plenty of variations you can choose from, but here are my simple tips:


  1. Keep your skin looking healthy and clean, and invest in products to help your makeup go on smooth. Pay attention to your skin undertones and choose foundation and blush that compliment your either warm, cool, or olive tones.

  2. Choose shadows that accentuate your eye color so they really POP! Here are the general rules:
    Blue = bronze, gold, rose, gray
    Green = taupe, mauve, wine
    Brown = navy, mauve, gold
    Of course you can also never go wrong with a pretty nude, tan, or soft pink. They will make you look feminine regardless of your eye color, and are a safe bet.

    If you choose to have a bold, dark smoky eye, keep the rest of your face soft with light pink lips & blush. Vice-versa, if you choose bright red lipstick, keep your cheeks and eyes more neutral.

  3. LASHES. We all want them. If you love how your lashes look with your favorite mascara - great! Keep it up girl. If you choose to have glue-on or the rather tricky magnetic lashes, make sure you are VERY comfortable with them. There is a high chance they will slip throughout the day and cause makeup mishaps if you aren’t used to them. My tip for lashes is to splurge and get eyelash extensions a few days before your wedding. They are lightweight, thick, and though synthetic they should not cause any irritation. In fact, you shouldn’t be able to feel them at all!
    My go-to lash girl:

  4. It is common for most brides-to-be to want that dark glowing tan against a white dress. Though tanning beds can offer you just that, I do not recommend them! You cannot see the damage being done but give it a few years and you will! A spray tan will probably be your best bet. If you are comfortable doing it at home, the self tanner I like best is St. Moritz Professional Self Tanning Mousse. It provides lasting results while looking so natural. Make sure you test out your tan a month before the wedding to make sure your skin reacts well and gives you the results you’re looking for. Just make sure your foundation matches your newly darkened skin!
    St Moritz:


  1. The battles for who can have the most intricate and stiff updos are over! Of course if you want an updo, go for it! Just keep it soft to stay modern.

  2. Loose waves and braids are the trendiest styles, and are a stable go-to.

  3. A cute way to add flair to your hair will be with now-popular and tasteful metallic clips, jewels, pearls, pins, and barrettes.

  4. If you want your hair colored, make sure to do a trial two months before. If you don’t like it, you will have time to change it back, and if you love it, you will have another chance to freshen it up or tweak it before your big day. The most popular color service is balayage. It gives you lightened, blended pieces to add that perfect sun-kissed dimension.

    The best advice I heard for my wedding was to not wear anything you would feel uncomfortable in, including your hair and makeup!!

    If you aren’t confident in bold lipstick, tight updos, or a skin-tight dress, then forget them. This is YOUR day to feel as beautiful as can be, and if that means wearing your hair the same as you do every other day or just thowing on some chapstick, go for it! You will not want to look back on your wedding day remembering how awkward you felt.

    So do some trial runs, try out these tips, and you’ll be set up for success!

Amber Wood